Sunday, March 17, 2013

Italian Riviera

San Remo

I was lucky enough to have one of my friends from home, Kelsey, come and visit me over her spring break! We took full advantage of every minute that she had here hence the back blogging... Once she was here and settled in we immediately started planning trips for the first weekend that she was here. We were a little antsy to get out of Milan where the predicted weather forecast was rain all week. Finally, we found a place that had 0% chance of precipitation and semi decent weather along the Italian Riveria, a little beach town called San Remo. We booked our tickets and hopped a train the next morning. We didn't really have any ideas as to what there was in San Remo besides a Casino (1 of 4) in Italy, so we basically just winged it and it worked out pretty well!

As usual Italy didn't cooperate and although the weather predicted that we would have sunshine without rain, it rained. We walked around the town with just a drizzle for awhile and then it started really coming down. Luckily, we were nearby the casino so we popped in to check it out but mostly to get out of the rain. Because it is 1 of 4 in Italy I thought it would be pretty swanky, but it wasn't. Neither of us are big gamblers so we didn't mind we were just glad to have a place inside to hang out until the rain let up. We got lunch at the casino cafe which had a pretty decent panini and Kelsey was able to have her first Italian cannoli!
And.. apparently no pictures are allowed inside of the
Casino... Oops
After a couple of hours of chatting and staying dry we decided to brave the weather and head down by the docks just to check it out. As we walked, the rain let up and we had lovely weather the rest of the time. 
Money belt style... 
Cheesy me with San Remo in the background

After strolling along the beach for awhile we headed up into the town. Adorable typical Italian town with windy streets and little piazzas. We came across a little market in one of the piazzas that had some of the best fresh meats, and cheeses I have had! I also had some of the best flavored gelato so far in Italy there, called torte paradiso (some sort of lemon cake flavor). We decided on a place for dinner that had tables out in the piazza. I really enjoyed the laid back atmosphere of this little beach town and the people were all extremely nice. About the time that we were finished dinner we heard drums as soon as we knew it there was a crowd of men dressed up in alien costumes with brain heads dancing and drumming around in the piazza, just when we thought they were done a group of brazilian dancers show up and start performing as well. 
Indoor produce & fish market. 

Here are a few videos of what went on, I apologize for the quality in advance!

We still aren't sure what festival was going on but we were lucky enough to be there right when it was happening! We made our way back walking on the beach, a perfect way to end a day. We got home around 11 pm and immediately went to bed to be ready for our next adventure, Verona! 

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