Monday, January 28, 2013

Buon Giorno from Italia!


I finally was able to get on a flight and travel with Julia. The flight was pleasant and we were given dinner and breakfast (which I was not expecting from my experience with Frontier airlines to Costa Rica). 

We flew into London and we were both so excited to see Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, even if it was only from the airplane. Heathrow airport I left my passport on a counter and was half way up the escalators (one way only) and you were not allowed to switch floors after going back up. I had to watch the escalator while the lady helping watched the other escalator to make sure we didn't miss my passport, placed by one of the workers below. After that ordeal, we had to pass through security again I forgot that I had perfume in my carry on bag and had to wait until they could take every piece of clothing out of my bag and pat it down to make sure I didn't bring a bomb. We then had to wait in the main portion of the airport and wait for them to post our gate on the screen to be able to really relax with assurance that we wouldn't miss our plane. London's charm wore off quickly from the airport. I'm sure I will return on a more fun occasion next time. My british airways flight was nice and I was able to catch up on reading my Rick Steves Italy tour book (should have read before I came).  And then... I WAS FINALLY IN ITALY! 
Airplane Dinner!
Flight into London

 I easily made my connections with the Eilders family, who kindly picked me up from the airport and took me to their home in Como just 30 minutes north of Milan. That night we went out for dinner at a true Italian restaurant and I got my first pizza, I ordered the Pugliese (still not sure how to pronounce it) it was supposed to consist of anchovies, oregano, cheese and onions. I got a pizza that had onions, cheese, and oregano. Not sure what happened to the anchovies but that's okay. We went back to the Eilders apartment and figured out the best way for me to get to Milan for my apartment check in. I CANNOT thank the Eilders family enough for their hospitality! It truly made my first day in Italy and making my connections today much easier. 

The tiny elevator at the Eilders Apartment

Today I got up around 10:30 took it easy, and then took a walk around Como in the light. We hurried back to the apartment grabbed all of my luggage and raced to the train station. By the time I purchased a ticket we thought I had missed the train that goes to the main station. When I got on the platform it was still there so I said a very quick goodbye to Amanda and hopped on the train! My connection was very easy and I was only 5 minutes late to the apartment meeting. A signed a few papers and then a bus took us to our apartment. Surprisingly,  it is more spacious than I thought and I got very lucky with the room that i'm in. 
Piazza Volta directly in front of the Eilders
Lake Como!
Duomo in Como

Since then i've been able to put all of my things away and hang with my new roomies. So far we have ordered take out from pizza pizza 4 and ventured as far as the other Cattolica students apartment (same building, one floor down). It's been a very calm relaxing night. My roommates (5) are awesome and i'm so happy that i've been placed with 2 girls who are experts from last semester. 

Take out with the Room mates
Take out kebab for dinner.

Italy seems like a dream! It still hasn't set in that I will be living here for the next 4 months. Most of the sales are happening in Milan right now so I can't wait to get to shoe shopping!! My next post I will give a good idea of what my apartment is like and more of my adventures in Milan. 

Ciao, Ciao!


  1. bienvenuto Rachel!

    Have so much fun! I am already so jealous and excited for you!

    (btw, Pugliese is pronounced pu-lyi-a-say...gli is an awkward letter combo. youll see it a lot..its pronounces literally lyi. like lllyeee)

    Love you and have such a great time! Tell me when you need travel recs!

    1. I will definitely be asking you for travels recommendations! and thank you for the help with the Italian. (my italian is very poor) and they are still trying to figure out if I will be able to get into an Italian class. I will keep you updated on travel plans to get the must sees!