Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Exploring Milano

This week we have mainly been doing orientations to get ready for school which starts next week. I have been lucky that I adjusted to the time quickly so that I can enjoy my first week in Milano before school starts. 

Last night I went out with my roommates and a couple of the guys from the apartment downstairs for one of their birthdays. We went to an international discotecha, it is amazing how these Italians can party every night of the week. 
Creepy Italian Waiter
Luca's 21st birthday!

Today I spent the day at a quick orientation at school and then met up with Julia to just wander around the city together. Today was the first day the sun peeked through the fog/clouds and it was fairly warm. I can't wait for true spring weather! 

Milano is such a diverse beautiful city! The pictures I took don't even partially capture what I have seen here! Cattolica has a beautiful campus, I feel very lucky to be able to study here. 
Courtyard at school
Main entrance of school
Monastery containing the Last Supper painting as well as some of his
Outside view of the Santa Maria della Grazie
(home of the Last Supper)
Courtyard of Monastery

I have been able to do a little shopping
no major purchases yet!

It was also a great day to get a few house keeping things done. I was able to get my metro card which was only 27 Euro for the month and next month will be 17 Euro so I will be able to ride the metro unlimited for much less than I thought. All of my roommates and I are planning on going to the Carnival Festival (Mardigras) in Venice in a couple of weekends. Other than that I haven't cemented any trips and i'm still trying to decide when and where I should start planning my weekend trips. Those with suggestions let me know!

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