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My big, Melissa (mentor for those not familiar with sorority terms), came over and helped me pack taking up most of my day. I don't think I could have gotten it together myself and so grateful that she was willing to take a day and spend it with me tackling the packing project. Surprisingly I had plenty of room for what I thought I would need as well as some extra room.  I've been told even if you aren't a shopper (which I am) you WILL shop in Milan and i'm trying to leave room in my suitcase to plan accordingly.

That evening John and I headed downtown to do some last minute shopping. He found a great pair of rugby cleats for a killer deal! I am sad i'll be missing most of the rugby season, it has become on of my favorite sports to watch (even more than football!). I totally suggest to anyone that hasn't seen a match to watch one at least once! We went to Crown Burger, a local restaurant chain that has some greek food, american fast food, and of course the Crown Burger (cheeseburger with hot pastrami)  for dinner. I have been using the excuse of "they won't have this in Italy" to eat obscene  amounts of greasy/unhealthy american food as well as my favorite, Cafe Rio.

Weather Strikes

I got up early this morning and prepared to say my final goodbyes. Although I know four months will fly by it was still hard to say goodbye to home. I held up pretty well until it was time to say goodbye to my dog, Abbey. She's getting older by the day (she's 13) and i'm a little paranoid about her biting the dust while i'm gone. My mom assures me she won't because she exerts the least amount of energy possible, unless it's to beg around mealtimes. John stopped by on his way to school and helped me get together my last minute things and then my mom drove me to the airport. We drove 20 mph the whole way because of the rain/ice storm. The entire time I was stressing out about not having enough time to get through the airport in time for my flight.
January weather at its finest
Ironically, I got through security in about 20 minutes and settled into a seat near at the gate I was supposed to depart from with plenty of time to spare. Then the announcements began, and never ceased to end. The flight departing previous to mine in the same gate gets delayed, then they shut down all of the runways. I waited in the airport for 4 hours until they announced my flight is cancelled. I was somewhat able to keep myself entertained by a few dramatic Sundance goers as well as 3 little boys who had Heely shoes (shoes with wheels on the heels) who were skating around trying to knock each other over in the middle of all of the chaos. I stood in the American Airlines line for about another hour until I could re-book my flight.

Here's a local news cast about the storm as well as the airport delays that I personally got to experience. My luggage is now famous as well (it made the scene with the luggage carousel).
Freezing rain ices Salt Lake runways

After everything was sorted out John picked me up and we made a quick stop at In-N-Out burger on the way home (another unhealthy but necessary splurge). And yes, it is necessary to wear the hats.

 I am now due to depart Salt Lake Saturday and arrive in Italy Sunday. Conveniently this will be the same flight as my sorority sister, Julia Hicks, who is also going to be studying at Cattolica with me! I am still not 100% sure on my plans whether I will be staying in Como or getting a Hostel in Milan close to where my apartment check in is on Monday.

Although a cancelled flight wasn't ideal there were some perks to being able to leave later. Firstly, I got to spend more time with my family and precious Abbey. Secondly, I forgot my cell phone charger, I hadn't realized that my watch battery had died, and I had left all of my Jewelry I had set aside to bring. I now have 2 days to be lazy and spend time with those i'll miss most. Not the worst thing that could happen!

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