Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Getaway to Lake Como

So if you haven't noticed I've been a bit back-blogged. School kind of took over, as well as the last book in the series of the Game of Thrones. Oops. Sorry, not sorry. I decided that that I better give myself the weekend off of traveling and stay in Milan to study for finals. Although my classes are easy-peasy I still needed to put forth a bit of effort, but after giving a full day to studying last Friday, I made plans to visit the Eilders family who I first stayed with when I arrived in Italy. 

Unfortunately my time in Como was cut short upon arrival to Italy because of so many delayed flights, and I really wanted to see Como in the spring. And lets be real... I wanted one more chance of seeing George Clooney, who owns a Villa somewhere along the lake. If Como is a good enough vacation spot for George, it's good enough for me.  

It's a short train trip and I chose an earlier morning train so I could have some me time in the morning to sit by the lake before meeting up with them. After meeting at the apartment Amanda and I went out to the markets, I bought a fantastic pair of flats and a couple of souvenirs. The real prize from the market was a beautiful copper pot (retailed at 75 euros) that Amanda got for only 10 euros from an adorable old Italian man who kept saying regalo (gift in Italian). We think he probably just wanted to get rid of it.

Just a random statue of a hand that I thought was cool
Peaceful morning to sit for a bit with my duck friend
The white building straight back does not actually have
a balcony or windows they are all painted on, pretty cool!
I had to take a picture of this manikin head for
my sister, my mom does similar do's for her.
After great shopping we met up with her husband, Cole, and adorable daughter, Eva, for lunch and then headed up on the funicular to the tiny town of Brunati where we took a hike/uphill walk to a lighthouse with some great views over Como. It threatened to rain but after a few sprinkles it blew over and we grabbed gelato at a nearby cafe before heading back down. 
Well trained pup waiting for his owner to finish shopping
riding the funicular down

We spent the rest of the evening walking by the lake. It was the perfect break from my apartment, roommates, and studying. It was so fun to watch Eva, who is only a year old. Now that i'm in college and my family is older I haven't been around babies hardly at all, which honestly is probably a good thing as they kind of aren't my thing. But I love Eva, she is so darling and I love watching her be so independent at such a young age. 

I can't thank the Eilders enough for not only being my family away from home once, but twice. They are such an adorable little family!  

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  1. Thanks for visiting, Rachel! It was great to see you again. :) So sorry we didn't spot George. ;) Have a great time with your remaining few days in Italy! Ciao!