Friday, March 7, 2014

Clarity at 40,000 Feet

It's been awhile since I was last on a plane, maybe 6 months or more. After frequently flying in Europe it feels like ages. The dreaded parts of traveling always have a way of leaving their mark on my memory; the packing, the queues, and just the airport in general. However, something that I often forget about traveling, especially solo, is that there is that time where you have jumped through all of the hoops of the airport etc. and all you have left to do is wait. After take off I just stare out the window and my mind wanders and it's amazing to me the kind of clarity that comes. 

No matter what my wandering thoughts are at the beginning of the flight, I always end up reflecting about where I'm coming from and where I'm going both literally and metaphorically. 

Here's what's coming to mind during this flight: 

- I love Utah. 
Sometimes you have to take a step away from your situation to realize how good you've got it. Taking off and watching this big beautiful mountains reminds me of how much I love where I live and how much I miss these mountains and the recreation they provide when I'm away. Watching the promo videos at my gate that show scenes from Zion's, Canyon Lands, and Moab really hit home how lucky I am to live where I do. Bravo to whoever did the promo, it's more inspiring than the ones in Texas welcoming people to the US... Anyways, I'm really grateful to have grown up in Utah and I'll keep an open mind this weekend while taking a look at the University of Washington to see whether or not I could really see myself making the jump if I'm lucky enough to get accepted. 

- What's really important? 
I realize that I don't exactly fit the cookie-cutter mold for most born & raised in Utah, and right now that's okay for me. I'm living and learning how to be happy in my own way and I am happier than I have ever been because of it. I have tremendous respect for anyone who strives to live a life that makes them happy. It's not always about the wrong and right way to do things but about how it makes you & others feel. 

I am especially realizing it now that I'm at a point where it's really important for me to have some sort of an idea of where I'd like to go in life. I'm a firm believer that to get anywhere you want to be that's worthwhile you've got to have the vision and the drive to get there. I can only hope that I can be genuine enough to myself to be driven to go in a direction that truly makes me happy. 

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