Thursday, April 11, 2013


Inter Milan Game

One of my greatest regrets was not being in Barcelona during an FC Barcelona game, the best team in Europe right now. I was lucky enough however to make it to a pretty affordable game here in Milan, and even got to scream GOOOAAAAAAL with the rest of the crowd. SO glad I was able to have this opportunity because with the rest of April booked, i'm running out of time here. :(

I went with a pretty big group of people all of whom were from my study abroad program. With any large group there is bound to be a bit of drama, but in the end it was a very successful night despite Inter losing to the Atlantica team that no one had ever heard of. One of my favorite parts of the game was after Inter's first goal the guy behind me in the stands lit off a flare and was waving it around. It's a wonder that no one got burned or their clothes/hair lit on fire. We were also seated right behind the guy that was leading the chants, he was VERY enthusiastic and we followed along obediently the best we could or ran the risk of being yelled at by Mr. Chanter. 

At the end of the game there was almost a brawl on the field... which I get the feeling is pretty normal. The emotions were high in the stadium and on the way back to the metro I had a man tell me that I wasn't a true Inter fan because I wasn't upset about the loss, "soccer is apart of you in your heart" or something close to that. Sorry bud.  

The flare that was lit off after the first goal

The brawl about to break out

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