Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Life back in "Pasta Land"

After the last two spring break posts i'm starting to notice that my posts are getting increasingly longer, and i'm sure you have too. I partly blame this because my Mom doesn't use facebook so I use the blog to share the pics. Love ya Mom. I'm going to try and get better and update more often so that I don't chunk everything together in one HUGE blog post like the last few posts.

Anyways... I have also realized that I haven't updated what's happening in my life back in Milan for awhile. 

The last month or so it has been pretty rainy, and at times snowy. I had expected it to be warmer than Utah, but I think Italy is just having a long winter and Utah was lucky this year with a short one. 

School has been a cake walk. I'm glad that I can travel and not have the added stress of worrying about doing homework or studying for tests. However, the one class that is hilariously annoying is my design class. It is the biggest waste of time, but it's one of those classes where i'm nervous that the one day I skip we will do something important. So far we haven't had a midterm or any assignments. Yes it is nice. So what do we do in class? For example: one class consisted of us watching a youtube video of a cat riding on a robotic vacuum cleaner.... yes i'm completely serious. Our teacher, in his barely understandable Enlgish, then proceeded to ask us if we liked it. Before students could answer he laughed and kept showing us various videos of cats riding around on things. This continued for the entire 2 hour class period, and this is not an unusual day in class either. Most days I really can't help but laugh, things really could be a lot worse. 

If you want to check out this very educational video click HERE 

I am finally getting to the point where i'm getting sick of the whole pasta and pizza thing for every meal. Hence the nick name my roommate and I have made for Italy, "Pasta Land".  Eating all of these carbs everyday, for every meal, is starting to make me feel lethargic and lazy. So, i'm trying to be proactive and start some sort of a "diet". The rules are: try and eat healthy during the week and then when i'm traveling I can eat whatever I want. So far, not so good. I'll admit it... I had McDonald's today. I don't even eat McDonald's at home, but with that being the only food place that serves something other than pizza and pasta, near my apartment, and takes my meal tickets it's really much to convenient. Atleast I walked to the McDonald's right?  

After a good long break in Spain I was ready to come back to Milan and sleep in a room with just one other person (who doesn't snore) and take it easy. Easter Sunday was an odd day for me. I had made plans to try and go to church but I wasn't sure where the nearest one to my apartment was and once I got home and looked it up it was already 20 minutes into the service and it would take me another 30 minutes to get there. I was bummed that I wasn't able to go to church on Sunday, and to top it all off I had zero food in the apartment and nothing was open in Milan besides a delivery pizza place. I settled for some take out and had the apartment to myself for the night (this never happens with 5 roommates). It's times like these when I start to feel a little homesick and start missing my family and friends.  

Unlike March, I only have one for sure trip planned in April but lots of tentative ideas. I'm just going to keep on keepin' on and living the dream here in Italy! 
Ciao for now! 

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