Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer Recap

How time flies! A combination of having fun, summer school, and working has evaporated my summer. Every summer I convince myself that i'll have more time to do said things and every summer I end up feeling like I have less time than I do during the school year. But here comes August and along with it Fall semester (will it ever end?). However, before I get carried away with what's in the future I want to reminisce about the fun things i've been doing.

May and June were the mule months. Essentially all I did was go up to the cabin on the weekends spending time with my Dad, Casper and Ruby.

Grand Daddy Lake

Second big event of the summer was Ragnar! I ended up running 17.1 miles. Definitely a memorable 48 hours, lots of good laughs from being deliriously tired.

4th of July at Hanna. Complete with a trip to Stillwater dam and the Tabiona rodeo.

My birthday. Which consisted of a beautiful mule ride in the morning to Grand Daddy trailhead, a fun night out with friends, and then a day of boating. I'm so lucky to be surrounded by amazing people!

I wish it could be summer forever.

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