Monday, February 18, 2013

Carnivale Round 2 (Milano style)

Originally, I was a little bit disappointed that I didn't have anything planned last weekend as far as traveling but i'm really glad that I was here to enjoy and experience Carnivale in Milan!  

Thursday I woke up early enough to hit some of the shops on Buenos Aires before going to school. On my way, I could hear music blasting down the street so I decided to check it out. The music, Scream and Shout by Britney and Will.I.Am (American Music is VERY popular here), was blaring out of speakers at what looked like a middle school or high school. All of the kids were gathered outside dancing in the street, semi-unusual for a Thursday morning. Later, I found out that it was Fat Thursday and that there were celebrations large and small going on all around Milan starting Thursday. After my classes were finished I spent some time roaming around getting a gelato, checking out some stores, and ran into a really interesting market called Mercado Communale. The minute I walked inside I was overwhelmed by the smell of raw meat and cheese combined, I quickly lost my appetite but it was still fun to explore the rest of the indoor market that literally had everything you could ever think of. It reminded me of the swap meet that is located in west valley back at home. They had pastry vendors, butchers, a couple of Asian shops, etc.  
To the right of this Porta is the Mercado Communale
Getting our daily serving of gelato!

Friday I spent the day keeping up on some school work and.... of course, researching some more weekend trips (seriously is never ending). That night Melanie and I went down to Navigli (Canal) District. We walked along for awhile and then popped into a pub we and just chatted and ordered some hamburgers. We made small talk with a couple of Italians that came up to us and asked if they could practice English with us. I stick out like a sore thumb here, almost every Italian that i've asked said that they can tell that i'm American just by looking at me. We had a great night, declined the offer to go dancing with some guys at a Carnivale themed disco and decided to catch a bus back home. 
His friends called him "grandfather" we still aren't sure why.

Saturday my roommates and I took a leisurely walk to the Duomo to watch the parade, see all of the costumes and get in on the confetti throwing. It was sunny and about 50 degrees, which is about the nicest weather we have seen so far. Weather like this is just a teaser for actual spring weather and i'm really hoping that we will see the temperature start to rise soon. We got there a bit later than we expected and were only able to see the end of the parade from afar. It wasn't too disappointing and we still had plenty to see in the time that we were there. A variety show was performing some sort of weird Circus act that I couldn't really figure out what was going on. Most of our time was spent wandering around throwing confetti and watching all of the adorable kiddies dressed up. 

"Valentine Street" I call it this mainly because of the hearts as
well as a Valentino Store, It's really called Montenapoleone.

 Cutest Little Nugget ever. He definitely can pull of being a grape and still looking good! 

My cute roommates in front of the Duomo!
Elyssa (right) and Melanie (Left)
This little toddler was dressed up in an all feather, chicken
costume, we watched him slowly fall asleep against the
window on the way home from the Duomo. 

 My time here is flying by, I can't that i've almost been here for almost a month! My class on Thursday was cancelled this week so I spontaneously booked a trip to Rome. Stay tuned for updates from Roma!

Ciao, Ciao :)

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