Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Italian Translation: Progress

Progress is finally being made... 

1) Hangers for my closet. 
One small step for man, one giant leap for Rachel. My clothes have been sitting in one giant lump in the bottom of my closet since they were removed from my luggage. Due to the lack of a dryer I have had some very wrinkly shirts even after trying to get them out with a hair straightener. Even  now some of them will most definitely end up back in a lump especially because I couldn't get enough hangers but at least a few of my shirts are safe from wrinkles.

2) Made it to the grocery store. 
After living a week + on the communal pasta (girls from last semester donated because of their no carb diet) and smorgasbord of random things I was finally ready to buy some real food. Often I get intimidated when I can't read the label and am unsure about what i'm buying (ex. distinguishing milk from cream). Besides the milk, I did pretty well. I came home with some fresh pasta, ravioli, bread, prosciutto, and vegetables. Unlike my roommates, i'm planning to eat my weight and more in carbs while i'm here! I keep telling people that i'm going to come home as wide as I am tall and the way I am eating I probably will.  

3) Homework. 
Shocker, I know. I watched a film for my Italian cinema class. It was only 2 hours long, and the only homework that i've had so far. My classes here should be a cake walk, which will be a nice change of pace from my courses back at home. I also hope that these classes will allow me to easily travel on the weekends without the worry of homework!

4) Booked weekend trips. (yay!) 
I hunkered down, did the research and finally booked my spring break trip to Spain with Caroline. We still have to figure out hostels but we have the main flights booked which was in itself a big accomplishment. I also booked a weekend trip with Julia (also studying from the U of U) to the Netherlands which conveniently fell on her birthday as well as a few of the tulip festival events. And, today I signed up for the weekend ski trip to the Italian Alps which is only a couple of weekends away. Planning weekend trips has been painstakingly time consuming and frustrating! I can't wait for all of the planning to be finished and for the traveling to begin. I already feel that my time is being cut short and that I won't be able to see all of the places that I had originally wanted to. With that being said those with connections/knowledge of Germany, Switzerland, or Prague that would be willing to share I would really appreciate it! 

5) Eating gelato on a regular basis. 
Last on the list but the most important, GELATO. I am progressively getting better at eating more and more of it. I'm on the hunt for the best gelato shop in Italy and i'm willing to try every one before I find the winner. You would think that the cold weather would deter me from eating an cold treat... hasn't stopped me yet. The best shop I have found so far is le Colonne Gelateria, it also serves nutella/gelato crepes. yum. The best flavor is the Pistachio and according to the shop owner the pistachios are all natural and grown in Sicily. Just remember, a gelato in hand always makes for a good day. 

My life in Italy is rough, can you tell?

One thing that I wouldn't classify as progress, my hair on fire. A couple of nights ago I was cooking dinner and I leaned over and my hair caught on fire, I came out of the kitchen with charred chunks of hair on one side of my face. Luckily after some spray in conditioner and combing the burnt chunks out my hair doesn't look any different. My roommates and I agree that this is truly a miracle. I wish I had some pictures of it to show just how bad it was. Other than that one small crisis, I'm still living the dream! 

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  1. Hi Rachel! :)

    Try GRUM for gelato - Cole and I stopped there last time we were in Milan. Yum!

    Also, the "planning" time for your upcoming travels will never stop - it can be frustrating because it's a little overwhelming at times... ;)

    We just went to Switzerland last weekend - rode the Bernina Express, a beautiful train through the alps. I'd definitely recommend it. My most recent blog post shows more..

    Take care!!